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improve the Internet, 

improve the world.

About me

It's my personal web page. I'm operating online under the nickname Skorp24 and have created a significant amount of content on various websites, including those that rank highly on search engines. This is an information hub about me.

My name is Vlad. I'm from Belarus, currently live in Poland. I work in IT as a software developer.

Since 2008, I'm a volunteer participant of some online communities and sites where I post content about topics I like. Also, I can use this nickname for relaxation and entertainment: you can meet me on various websites with this nickname.

My primary language is Russian. Basically, I create a content and communicate in this language. I understand Belarusian and Ukrainian well. I also speak English and Polish.

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Sometimes I make changes on other Wikipedia projects too.

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Sometimes I make changes on these and other Fandom projects. See also the article about me.

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See also the Telegram channel about SkorP Files.

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