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improve the Internet, 

improve the world.

About me

It's my personal web page. The nickname Skorp24 is registered on several web projects, and I have created quite a lot of content as Skorp24. This is an information hub about me.

My name is Uladzislau. I'm from Belarus, currently live in Poland. I work in IT as a software developer.

Since 2008, I'm a volunteer participant of some online communities and sites where I post content about topics I like. Also, I can use this nickname for consumer purposes: you can meet me on different sites with this nickname.

My primary language is Russian. Basically, I create a content and communicate in this language. I understand Belarusian and Ukrainian well. I speak English at B1 level and Polish at A2 level. 

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Sometimes I make changes on other Wikipedia projects too.

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Fandom (Wikia)

Sometimes I make changes on these and other Fandom projects. See also the article about me.

Perfect World (RU PW — Орион)

SkorP Files

See also the Telegram channel about SkorP Files.

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